Surviving Bikram Yoga: Day 19

I was really looking forward to going to class last night!  Since I was sick last week, I basically went two times in a week, which is pitiful.

When I arrived at the studio, I was surprised by the low number of people exiting the 5pm class.  Everyone was commenting that it was probably the nicer weather.  I headed into the room and unrolled my mat, immediately grateful for the heat.  My back hurt, my shoulders hurt, and I had a low grade headache.  Yay for springtime allergies!

Several minutes went by before another person who came in, commenting that it looked like it was going to be a small class.  Sure enough, only 8 people showed up.  Becka, the owner, was teaching and I was ready to work.

Then, things started to go south.  I was tired.  My body wasn’t cooperating.  I was pushing myself hard in postures, which must have been evident because Becka kept saying, good Lisa or nice effort Lisa. I must have looked like I was really focusing or in pain, who knows!

I actually sat down on my mat three times in class.  I felt nauseous and really dizzy.  It was hot in the room for sure, but I was just feeling like I was really struggling.  I guess that is what happens when you slack on your practice.

When we moved into the floor postures, Becka said exactly what I needed to hear.  She said that we have to take each day of practice for what it is.  She said that sometimes you come to class having a different experience at work or home the day before and that impacts your practice.  Or, you come in and feel great and Bikram slaps you in the face.  Or, you drag yourself in grumbling, only to find that it’s a phenomenal class for you that day and all things are happy surprises.  Either way, you have to acknowledge your experience for that day, be patient with yourself, and try.

I’m definitely looking forward to class again tonight.  Kevin and I had juice when I got home last night, which we will repeat again tonight.  It’s so refreshing.  I pair it with some dried fruit and cashews, which is just enough for a late meal without feeling stuffed.


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