Surviving Bikram Yoga: Day 20

Last night’s class was a disaster!  I’m not having a good week so far.  Hopefully, tonight is better.

To start, traffic home was a mess.  I had to get off the highway and take the back way home.  I also had to go to the grocery store to pick up juicing supplies prior to class because I’m a hot mess afterwards.  I’m so sweaty, the back of my headband drips on my back when I’m walking out of the studio.  I don’t think people would like that in the grocery store!

Anyway, I literally got home right at 6:30, which is when I would normally be walking into the studio for a 7pm class.  I like to get there right when the doors open.  That 25 minutes on the mat prior to class is wonderful for acclimating to the heat, stretching, and centering my mind.  So when I rushed in at 6:48, I was flustered and not ready for class to start.

I wore a new pair of shorts, which I think are too big.  They started to stretch when they got sweaty and bunched around my legs.  I got them in medium, but I think I may need a small.  Why can’t clothing sizes be consistent???

A few hours prior to class, I started to get a headache, so I took some Exedrin.  I am starting to believe that this may be bad for me because of the caffeine.  I’m not sure.  I actually was doing pretty well, but I felt a little nauseous throughout class because my sinuses kept draining.  Sorry, that’s gross.  But it was non-stop.

Standing leg/head to knee pose was good yesterday though.  I don’t do the head to knee part because I’m working on my leg dimple quad strength.  It was the first class that I got through both sets without putting my foot down and my leg was pretty tight the whole time.  There is so much concentration in this posture.  I think my ankles may be getting stronger too because my foot wasn’t wobbling around as much.  Is that leg strength or ankle strength that makes that happen?

Becka was teaching last night and Pong was practicing behind me.  She was nice enough to demonstrate some postures during class, which was cool to see her in action.  She’s super bendy.  I’m learning that Bikram yoga is not all about being bendy.  There is an incredible amount of strength that goes into these postures, which makes me appreciate these impromptu demonstrations even more.  You could see Pong’s body quivering with effort.  It was really impressive.

I’m starting to get a mental block with triangle pose.  By the time I get to this posture in the standing series, my left leg is really tired. Because we go off the sides of the mat for this posture, I don’t have the grip of my skidless towel to help me out.  I start thinking about this several minutes before it even starts, freaking myself out because I know that my leg is going to slide around.  It’s messing with my head.

Becka spent a lot of time in class last night talking in between postures about how your mental chatter during class can really impact your practice.  She said she used to sit out of the second half of a lot of postures because of it.  It was a good reminder for me.  She suggested that we just focus on the dialogue and allow our body to follow along.  I need to refocus tonight on really being present in the room.

I also am going to try to move a few feet over tonight.  I have been setting up right under a heater for the past few classes, which is usually okay on Saturdays but at a 7pm class, right after one gets out beforehand, it’s hot already and I think I may be overstressing myself.  I’m going to experiment and see how that goes.

By the time I got home last night, I was so sick to my stomach, I just drank my coconut water, hopped in the shower, and laid face down on the bed with a towel on my head.  You know it’s bad when the animals start to surround you because they know something is up.  By the time Kevin got home, it was a sight to be seen.  I dried my hair while he was in the shower, practically crawled to the couch, and sat.  Nothing sounded good for dinner- even juice.  It was 10:15pm and I was done!  We decided to eat some cashews and dried fruit and went to bed.

I’m looking forward to class tonight with Aimee.

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