Surviving Bikram Yoga: Day 21

Last night’s class was SO MUCH better.  Don’t get me wrong, I had to mentally dialogue with myself the entire time to keep going, but it was 100% better than my last three classes.

I moved back over to the other side of the podium, which could have helped. It literally was six feet to the right, but I think it got me out from underneath the heating vent.

Aimee taught last night and I really was ready to work.  Knowing that I had a few days of bad practice behind me, I figured it could only get better.  I got to the studio early and chatted in the lobby with another student who was commenting that she had similar issues this past week as well.  She also suffers from allergies and has hip issues.

I wore a smaller tank to class and I could tell it was fitting better.  I think I’m finally starting to see some visible evidence of weight loss.  I am down about 5 pounds now but I fluctuate up and down 2 pounds.  I am noticing also that the tops of my shoulders look a little more defined.  Mr. Hall says my butt looks smaller, but I think it actually may be the back of my legs getting more muscular.

The balancing series last night was great.  I really worked hard and Aimee was giving some good cues.  It was difficult to get through and I wanted to stop a lot but I kept going.  I’m finding now that I keep saying, just one more posture.  One more time.  It gets me through the tough ones.

Another thing that I started doing this week is acknowledging my practice when I arrive to the studio.  As I am sitting on my mat, I think to myself that I am thankful and grateful that I am well enough to show up.  That my body is healthy enough to participate.  A year ago, I know I could never have pulled any of this off.  I am blessed.


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