Surviving Bikram yoga: Day 31

Class with Aimee last night was like a 180 degree spin around from class the night before with Stroud.  She is so calming and I found myself enjoying the contrast in dialogue style.  She spent some time at the beginning talking about “proving yourself” on the mat.  She said that we aren’t there to prove anything to anyone, including ourselves.  She reminded us to sit down if we got overwhelmed or even emotional.  It was a smaller class of 8 and we had a couple of new people, who really did a great job hanging in the room.

During this class, I really focused on my arm placement.  Many of the postures require arms over the head, palms together, and elbows close to the ears.  This is easy in theory, but is actually pretty difficult in a hot room when you are tired.  It’s common for people to bow their elbows out instead of really reaching up and keeping the arms locked and tight.  I also worked on my arm work with stretching my arms forward during Awkward Pose and in other postures where my arms are to the side.  It’s important to tighten up your arms at all times.  Not only does this give you purpose in your posture, but it activates your muscles and even helps with balance (in my opinion).

Tonight is class with Stroud.  I’m so excited.

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