My checklist for this summer

The weather is so warm this week in Virginia Beach, it makes me wish summer were here and we could just skip all of the pollen madness of spring.  It got me to thinking about things I’d like to do this summer, so without further ado, I give you my list.

  1. Miscalculate a risk whilst galavanting around, but avoid injury.
  2. Go to at least 4 Bikram yoga classes a week, even if it’s just as hot outside as it is in the studio.
  3. Sit on the beach
  4. Sit on the beach without thinking of grading student papers
  5. Drink only juice for one day
  6. Howl at the moon with friends
  7. Discover a new talent
  8. Be irresponsible for an entire day
  9. Jump on my left leg without holding onto a wall (PT throwback)
  10. Make a mean sangria
  11. Go to the lake in my neighborhood and enjoy the sound of summer, put my toes in the sand on the beach there, and enjoy watching children play
  12. Bike around the lake while Kevin is running
  13. Find Kevin an opportunity to play drums, even if it’s just jamming on a bucket with friends at a party
  14. Eat fish once a week
  15. Take more pictures with my phone when I’m with friends
  16. Go fishing
  17. Try one new tomato variety in my garden

So there you have it.  My summer bucket list.

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