Making comparisons

Sunday was my last day of my Groupon at the Bikram yoga studio.   I now have some decisions to make about which studio I’d like to attend.

I have three more classes left on my punch card at my old studio.  My plan is to go today, tomorrow,and Thursday to revisit the studio, the instructors, and the classes.  It’s time to make some comparisons between the two and make a decision about which studio I’d like to attend.

I’ve already decided that I have to do yoga.  It’s really helping me and I’m rebuilding some neuromuscular connections as a result of going to class. I know this because I’ve made more progress by myself in yoga than I have going to the gym since I “graduated” from PT with Cori.

I really hope that after the next three days I have an easy decision.  I like both studios and the instructors.  I’d like to wake up Friday and have a clear, unwavering decision.  I do have a free class voucher for the Bikram studio that I plan to use on Friday morning.  Perhaps after that I will have a better idea about which way I want to go.  I don’t want to go to both studios because whatever I decide to do, I plan to do unlimited monthly packages, which will run me at least $80 a month.


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