Surviving Bikram yoga: Days 27-29

I have been so slack with my blogging!  It’s been a crazy time for me lately.

Last week was a rollercoaster of yoga practice.  Wednesday night, I had a terrible, terrible class.  It was probably my worst one since my very first class at the studio.  I was mentally there, but my body was not cooperating at all.  I had all of my water that day before I went, but it was as if I was weak, unable to even move around in the room.  It was hot as usual, but for some reason I really had a hard time. I ended up laying on my back for about half of the class, even during the floor series.  It was pitiful.  It must have looked bad too because Becka told me to drink a lot of water when I got home.  womp womp womp.

Thursday, I dreaded going to the studio.  I was feeling bad about my class the night before but I knew I needed to get back on the mat.  I had the day off and went to the morning session, even though Kevin thought that I probably needed to stay home if I was really struggling just 12 hours earlier.  I pushed through and boy am I glad I went.  I had an AMAZING class.  Aimee was teaching that day and for some reason, I had a superstar experience.  Everything that was wrong went right in this class.  I was doing postures with purpose and strength, which surprised me because I knew I had pretty much sucked the night before.  In fact, I felt so amazing at the end of class, I could have stayed again for another class!  When I left the room to sit in the lobby, I commented to Aimee that I couldn’t understand why I had such a terrible class less than 12 hours before.  She said that is actually common- people’s bodies have these breakthroughs in a very short period of time.  In addition, she said that as people practice, they find that postures that were very easy in the beginning are harder as time goes on and the ones that were hard in the beginning start to get easier. It’s all because your body is changing and stuff.  The whole thing is just crazy!

Friday, I didn’t go to class because we had a ton of things to do around the house and a nutty amount of yardwork.

Saturday morning, I went to class with a new instructor, Stroud.  I love that name.  He isn’t new, but he’s back from elbow surgery.  So this was the first time I had class with him.  He’s 100% awesome.  If my beloved Sandra from the other studio was a southern rock, heavily tattooed dude, she would be Stroud.  He’s got an accent and looks like a crazy person with all of his ink (both arms totally covered, plus the chest), but he’s so zen, it’s hilarious.  He says things like, “get it girl”, “do your thing”, and “let’s do it to it”.  I had a blast with him and he really has an energetic spin on the dialogue and it was a really fast class.  I totally felt it yesterday when my entire body protested when I got out of bed.  I am SORE!  I can’t wait to take more classes with him.

Saturday night, we had some friends over for the final four game.  Kevin smoked some chickens and we had a total blast with our peeps.  I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard at the dinner table.  We are so blessed.


Surviving Bikram yoga: Day 26

Last night’s practice was hot!  HOT!!!  I knew it was going to be when I walked in, first one to the studio, and started feeling my skin sweat right away.  I made the mistake of going up to the podium to check the thermometer and it read 107 degrees.  What the heck!  I wimpered my way back to my mat and started to do my pre-class stretching routine.  A woman came in who was new and chatted with me about her first time insecurities.  I felt bad because I knew that she was going into an oven right away.  Usually, when I walk in it’s around 98 degrees, maybe 101.

Boiling temperatures aside, I had a really good class.  My standing series was excellent and I realized that if I just move my foot over during triangle pose, I can really get in the posture appropriately.  I need to clarify tonight with Becka three things:

  1. Is this cheating?
  2. Is it more important to have your legs in the correct posture or just get your body down and arms up?
  3. If you can’t do the leg part all the way, do you stop there and not put your arms in position?

It seems like the overarching theme of the class is don’t worry about the posture 100 percent, but make sure that you get the posture correct to the point of failure.  If my legs are not correct, then I’m entering into the remainder of the posture incorrectly.  There are just too many unknowns for this Type A girl!  I need to find out.

I find that during class I’m getting compliments on things that I feel like I’m really struggling with, rather than things I feel like I’m doing well.  Perhaps that is their way- acknowledge improvements rather than perfection.  I continue to set up immediately to the right of the podium up front.  I have no shame.  I pay good money to be there and I want the benefit of corrections, and praise, regardless of what kind of day I am having on the mat.  It is important for me to let them know I take this seriously and  by putting myself in the spot no one wants, I can make eye contact when I need to, be seen when I’m doing something wrong, and get encouragement.  I don’t know why more people don’t set up closer.

I’m starting to pull up my top in class more often.  I think I may almost be ready to wear just a sports bra to class.  The last few classes have been so hot, I find it helps me to cool off by pulling the bottom of my top over my bust, so it makes like a double layered sports bra.  Then I look at myself and cringe and pull it back down.  I’m almost there.  I just need to stop looking at myself and accept it for what it is.  Maybe tonight I’ll try going for several postures that way and see how it goes.

The juicing adventure continues to go well.  I’m really enjoying my juicer.  I probably make juice 5 days a week now.  It’s so delicious.  I haven’t ventured past my green juice and my carrot/beet juice so I need to do something about that.  I have a new book so I may try something from there this weekend.  It’s a really neat book because it is divided up by the main ingredient of the juice and then it tells you if it’s for energy, digestion, immunity, or whatever.  I got mine for $11 on Amazon.  Totally worth it.


Surviving Bikram yoga: Day 25

Saturday’s practice was great!  I’m so behind on reporting because of Easter Sunday and then yesterday Kevin and I went to Busch Gardens.  He’s on spring break this week.  Me, not so much.  I was able to get off on a nice day but it’s back to the grindstone today.

I got up early on Saturday and had another one of those “I don’t know if I can do this” mornings.  It’s so early, especially if we do anything the night before.  I have started avoiding any alcohol on Friday nights just because I know that I’m going to be torturing myself in a blazing hot room in less than 12 hours.  It’s great motivation.

Saturday was a really great class.  Pong was teaching and I’m really starting to like her dialogue style.  I seem to get something different from each of the instructors, even though they have identical dialogues.  For some reason, Pong is very motivating for me in regards to pushing to my limit.  That day in class, she was rocking a black midriff revealing halter top with gold studs all over the bust.  It was very 90’s Madonna.  I looked online to see if I could find the top, and this is the closest I got:


I’m starting to figure out everyone’s personalities. She also had on cheeseburger earrings.  How can you not love a girl with a studded top and burger earrings???

I realized this morning that I only have two more weeks under my current month plan.  So sad!  I know I’m going to get a real membership, but I have to use up a few more punch card visits at my old studio first.  Then, I’m going to be traveling for work during the last week of the month, so I may not start up until the 25th.  I’ll have almost two weeks off.  I cringe to think of what my back will be like, but we will cross that path when it comes.

For the next five days, I’ll be going every day.  I’ve never done five days straight before.  Should be interesting!