60 classes in 60 days: #2

I was super excited to get to the yoga studio last night.  I had some family things going on last week and I hadn’t been since Wednesday.  Not only did I feel like my back was about to snap in half, but I really felt a little crabby.

The evening classes are pretty full, plus the room is super hot from the class prior.  I like to get there as early as possible to acclimate myself to the hotter room, the sweatier smell, and make sure I have my “spot”.   I don’t know why I’m so neurotic about this spot but I have to be there.

The room was even fuller than usual, which means it’s going to be hotter, sweatier, and more distracting.  I still haven’t gotten to the point where I can tune people out around me, especially if I have someone in front of me or right in my line of vision on the side.

Crabby and hot, I grumbled my way through the first few poses.  Then, I got to the standing leg/head to knee pose.  While I haven’t gotten to the point of kicking my one leg out in front of me, I have made some strides with my standing leg.  This is my neuromuscular pose.  I have to straighten my leg, engage my quad and hold it for a minute.  While this seems easy in theory, it’s actually very difficult when you are hot and your hands are sweaty and slippery.  I usually make it for about 20 seconds or 30 seconds before I have to reset but last night I actually made it for the full minute.  Looks like this:



I know, it’s nothing spectacular.  But for me, being able to pull up my quad and balance on the one leg is a big deal.  It takes a great amount of concentration.  If my quad releases and my knee wiggles, I have to think, “tighten leg” or “lift up knee cap”.  It took me several weeks just to be able to do that on purpose, so now I’m working on being able to hold it there once I get the muscle engaged.

Last night was the first time I’ve been able to stand the full minute and not wiggle around.  I was really in the zone.

It’s amazing how you can walk into a class crabby and have a great breakthrough minutes later!

60 Day Challenge Stats:

  • Class #2
  • Classes to go: 58
  • Days left: 55

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