60 classes in 60 days: #6

I almost didn’t make it to class last night!  I was actually ready to go and on the way home my mom needed me to pick up a prescription immediately (per her doctor).  I high tailed it through rush hour traffic, picked up her drugs, went to her place, and hurried home.  I got to the studio about 10 minutes later than I wanted, but I was able to get my “spot” and collect myself before class started.

Aimee set up behind me and I tried not to watch her in the mirror.  I love watching the instructors when they practice with us.

It was a really, really full room but it didn’t feel like Pong had the heat kicking as much as usual.  She even opened the door a few times for the new people in the room, which she calls “doorgasms”.  I was grateful for the fresh air because I was AGAIN next to onion man.  I just love Pong.  She had on a bandeau top last night with skulls on it.  I haven’t had class with her in a while and I enjoy her dialogue pacing.  She has more of an urgent delivery and I found myself completely in the zone with her.

Back of my legs feel really tight this week.  I am pushing myself harder in triangle pose to get my legs apart and my thigh parallel to the floor and it’s really stressing my body.  I backed off on the second set and we will see how it goes tonight.  If I am going to keep this up for 60 classes, I need to take Becka’s advice and start moderating how much I push myself day after day.

Tomorrrow and Thursday, I plan to do two double class days.  This will be another first for me!

60 Day Challenge Stats:

  • Class #6
  • Classes to go: 55
  • Days left: 48

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