60 classes in 60 days: #11-16

I’m starting to get my rhythm of going to class every day!

I’ve completed six more classes since I checked in with you all last.  So busy!!!!

First of all, I have had some very productive classes in the last week.  Highlights from them included:

  1. Girl behind me in one of my classes with half of her arm amputated.  She was totally ROCKING OUT these postures.  It’s hard not to stare at someone with half of an arm in Bikram because you are totally fascinated by how she is actually doing these postures.  She was amazing, inspiring, and hopefully will be in another class with me soon.
  2. Learning how to listen to the dialogue, not just follow along.  I found myself skipping ahead in the postures, but this is not good.  I found that by following along at the same time as the instructor, I am in the zone faster and my mind does not wander around. This also makes the classes go by so much faster.  Before I know it, standing series is done and the class is halfway over!
  3. New instructor at the studio practiced in class next to me.  She looks like Rhianna’s big sister, it’s uncanny.  She is gorgeous.  I hope to take one of her classes this week.
  4. Random hip pain from driving last week caused me to pause and rethink my commitment to the 60 day challenge.  Worried for a brief moment that my body was right in our little discussion and I was overdue for a stint in PT.  Then, I remembered that I am getting stronger and maybe my body just was telling me to take it easier in class.  So I let Aimee know and basically we worked through about three days of my hip pain moving around from my butt, to the front way deep in the joint, and ended up in the side.  I did some somatic exercises and stretched at the end of class.  I also avoided going into some of the hip opening postures to their full expression point and checked my ego.  It worked.  Yesterday, I have no hip pain (still some knee pain a little) and I was able to go through classes today with no problems.
  5. Completed a double class today.  Not just a normal double class where you go twice in one day (I would normally do a morning, then evening), but BACK TO BACK classes.  Yes, it’s cray cray.  I may be certifiable.  Maybe this is where that mental degradation occurs in the 60 day challenge where you think you can do ANYTHING.  However.  Becka was teaching both of the classes this morning and I told her first thing what I was up to.  Thank goodness for me, both classes had four people so it was super chill and I wasn’t distracted by a full room.  I drank half of a coconut water before the first class and a full water after class.  I felt great after the first class, so I went into the lobby and talked to her and then decided to head back into the studio with a few minutes to spare.  I also decided to keep my sweaty clothes on, rather than changing.  I figured it would be cooler to be sweaty at the get go than resweat myself.  I did change my mat towel though.  After the second class, I practically skipped out of the studio.  I was so proud of myself!!!

I realized that I am almost a third of the way there.  They are putting up the 30 day challenge board, with extra spaces so if people want to go ahead and do another 30 days afterwards there is space.  Becka said that she wants me to front-load my classes that I’ve done already.  She thinks it will inspire people.  Me, inspirational?  Bah! I’m just dragging myself in every day and following instructions.

60 Day Challenge Stats:

  • Classes #11-16
  • Classes to go: 44
  • Days left: 41

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