60 classes in 60 days: #20-24

It’s been a crazy week, people.  Actually, just a crazy last 8 days.

When I checked in with you last, I was having some real bad classes.  I’ve sort of come to the conclusion that once a month I’m having a stretch of 4 or 5 classes in a row where I’m really terrible.  It’s like I’m pushing my body to a point of fatigue or something and then bam!  All of a sudden, I’m back in the groove of things like nothing ever happened.

I was so worn out that I took off last Friday.  My body hurt.  I was over it.  I thought the day off would help me get back into my routine mentally.

I came into the studio Saturday morning and was really ready to work.  I planned to do back to back classes and Jacqueline was teaching.  My first class wasn’t spectacular and I had to do halves of postures or sit down a lot.  Pong and Aimee were behind me and when I set up for the second class, Pong gave me a thumbs up.  I really am having a hard time getting into the rhythm of Jackie’s new dialogue style.  She is a very quiet speaker and she has a different cadence to her dialogue.  My mind was wandering around and I had ZERO neuromuscular action going on.  It was just irritating.  But, I got through it and headed home.

Saturday afternoon, Kevin and I met up with our friends, John and Annette, to go to Busch Gardens.  We just figured out that we’ve known each other for 10 years.  Crazy!  We love them dearly.  Such craziness always ensues when we are together.  Our trip didn’t disappoint and we wandered around for hours, being belligerent and acting a fool. I rewarded myself with some maple fudge at the exit on our way out while others enjoyed ice cream and cake.  Kevin’s birthday was earlier in the week and we had a little celebration right then and there.

Sunday was nuts!  Knowing that we had Monday off for Memorial Day, we enjoyed the day with our dear friends, Cori, Megan, and Tyler on the water.  I got to meet one of Cori’s friends, Carrie, from home which was fun, as well as spend some time with Cori’s sister and brother-in law.   We headed to the boat docks late morning and on our way, we were surprised to get a call from John and Annette saying they were heading our same way!  I was happy to have the opportunity to introduce them to the whole group and we even tied up on the water and people mingled and made new connections.  It was very impromptu and made for a lot of fun.

We ended up staying out on the water for several hours, only retreating when the sun started to go down!  I was grateful that I’d worn yoga pants and a tshirt when the weather turned colder, but I sort of wished I had worn a swimsuit.  Maybe next time.  I’m still not mentally ready to put on a suit.

After Tyler dropped us off, we headed back to Cori’s for a post-party bonfire in her back yard.  She and sister build the cutest fire pit ever and Kevin, Cori, Carrie, and I sat and talked for a little before heading home.  I slept like a rock!

I had intended to go to yoga the next morning but I had drank very little water the prior day and knew that I was dehydrated.  That would have been no bueno at the studio.  So Kevin and I enjoyed a day in and ran some errrands.  We had lunch with my mom and lounged around.

My mom had surgery yesterday and I spent all day in Richmond on Tuesday with her for pre-op appointments.  I barely missed the 7pm class that evening and sulked around the house that night. I really didn’t want to go three days in between yoga sessions. I was falling behind on my days.

Wednesday, I headed to the studio with extreme amounts of enthusiasm and had another terrible class.  It was boiling hot in the studio (more than usual it seemed) and I just couldn’t connect with the postures.  Aimee was behind me in class and she got up and left halfway through.  We were all struggling.  I must have looked especially snarky after class because Pong pulled me aside (she was waiting to teach the next class) and gave me a little pep talk.  She emphasized the need to not beat yourself up during a self-induced challenge and reminded me that I needed to take it easy on myself.  I must have really, really looked mad!  LOL

I came home crabby, grumbling, and cursing Mr. Bikram for ever inventing this yoga!

To make matters even worse, I had to get up early for my mom’s surgery.  It was a long, long day yesterday but she did great!  We got home around 3:30 and I was exhausted but determined to go to the 5pm class with Aimee.  I took a little nap and headed out.

With one exception.  I decided just to wear my yoga shorts and a black sports bra this time.  No, I don’t have abs like my beloved Cori but I was desperate.  I didn’t want another roasting class and I know that I need to desensitize myself to seeing my skin in public. I stood in front of the mirror in the bathroom, doing my usual critique, but decided it wasn’t so bad.  I grabbed my water and headed out.

The room was so much cooler yesterday and I was happy that it was a smaller class.  I had an awesome class!  I have no idea what happened but all of a sudden, I was doing all of the postures, not sitting down, totally in the zone with Aimee.  Being practically naked was an extreme distraction for me and I mentally spanked myself in class for wearing the little top.  A girl next to me had on practically the same outfit and I think I spent a good 15 minutes comparing her 10% body fat physique to my own curvy one.  Realizing the nasty road I was going down, I refocused on my postures and was happy to be cooler.  This is going to be a long journey for me though and I know I need to do more work on my issues.

I felt so great after class, I could have stayed for another!  Sadly, I know my limits and decided that I was too sleep deprived and really needed to go home.  Kevin called and asked if I felt like a salad from Moe’s, which I happily agreed to!

This morning, I was up super early for another class with Aimee at 5:30.  I decided to wear a regular tank this time around and had another great class.  I don’t know what I going on with my body, but I must be on the up-swing again!  I even balanced on my one leg during the entire standing series without breaking posture (standing head to knee, bow pulling pose, and the one where you bend over with your arms pointing at the mirror, standing on one leg and the other leg pointing back).  I hurried home, showered really quick and ended up making it to work (although with wet hair) only 10 minutes late!  I may try this more on Fridays.

My plan is to do another class tonight with Pong.  I made some of my beet/carrot juice last night so I’m drinking that this morning to make sure I am really hydrated well.

Tomorrow, Aimee is teaching two classes back to back so I’ll do those as well.  I’m almost caught up with the classes I missed this month.  I can’t believe I’m almost halfway there!

60 Day Challenge Stats:

  • Classes #20-24
  • Classes to go: 36
  • Days left: 31

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