60 Classes in 60 days: #31-36

Instead of posting a lot about the challenge, I seem to be posting once a week.  Hope you don’t mind!  It’s not like anything life-shattering is happening.

A few interesting things in the past week on the mat/studio:

  1. New instructor, Erin.  Just took the 530am class with her this morning.  She is awesome!!!  She used to own her own dance and tumbling studio but came to Bikram because she knew she was ripping her joints up with the gymnastics.  I can tell she has these two backgrounds.  She is lean, graceful, but incredibly powerful in her postures.  I took a class last week where she was near me and her postures are amazing.  Actually, her entire muscular structure is amazing.  Today, I found her dialogue to be very reflective of her background.  She is firm, attentive, and clear with instructions.  It reminded me of being in a dance studio with the tone of her voice, which I liked.  She pretty much stayed with the script, so it will be interesting to see how her personality emerges as we all get to know her better.
  2. Discovering I really like the 530am classes on MWF.  There are about 8 people that come in and it’s nice to have some space. Getting up at 430 is not that much fun but it’s worth it, especially on days where I know I need to do a double and I can’t wrap my brain around back to back evening classes.
  3. Realizing that I still have a lot of work to do on my own neuromuscular issues.  A great example of this is the floor bow pose.  I just can’t make any type of mental connection to my legs when they say to kick up and back.  The pose is supposed to look like this:Beautiful-Woman-Doing-Floor-Bow-Pose-1The posture begins with you laying flat on your stomach, then reaching back for your feet.  I have zero problem with that part, or raising up my torso. The part I can’t seem to make work is lifting my legs up.  I think, go up.  Lift up.  Kick back.  But nothing happens.  I end up more like this:



It is very frustrating (like deja vu all over again) to try to get your body to do something that seems perfectly reasonable and then nothing happens.  It’s been my mission this month in class to just get my legs to lift up, even if it’s for a second. I have found rolling my weight forward sort of helps with this, since I have such a broad rib cage this works.  But then, just when I think I’m getting there, I can’t get up.  It may also be an issue with my lower back being weak.  This is the last posture in the spine-strengthening series.

In other news, Kevin had a gig last weekend!  After two years in the garage, his drum set finally saw the light of day.  It was a pleasant evening in terms of weather and we had a TON of people come out for the band.  Not a lot of photos taken once they started playing, but Cori, Megan, and I managed a quick pick outside beforehand.



I absolutely ADORE these ladies!!  Kevin always says it looks like sisters when we are out.  I would be proud to call them my sisters any day!



60 Day Challenge Stats:

  • Classes #31-36
  • Classes to go: 24
  • Days left: 18 (doubles this week and next!!!)

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