60 Classes in 60 Days: #46-51

Last week was intense, people!  10 classes in 7 days and I’m doing it again this week!

I was going to go this morning to the 530 class but I was absolutely exhausted.  Our old kitty, Nema, kept us up all night on Saturday and Sunday because she was screaming for her shower.  I think she has kitty craziness. It was literally like every hour on the hour.  So when the alarm rang this morning at 445, I was real quick to turn it off and go back to bed!

It’s a good thing that I went yesterday (normally don’t go on Sundays) so I had a class already under my belt for the week.  I’ll be doing doubles on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.  My 60th class will be on Sunday, unless I pull a triple on Friday (since I’ll be off).  I could do it, technically, if I did a 530, 930 and 5pm.  We’ll see.  It sounds crazy.

I need to get a haircut.  My hair is growing so fast now that I haven’t been able to keep up with it.  I think I still have a couple of inches of old chemically-dyed hair on the ends, so it will be good to get that off.  I can definitely tell a difference now between my henna’ed hair and the chemically-dyed hair.  I think part of it is because I’m sweating so much in class, the salt is making my hair even drier.


60 Day Challenge Stats:

  • Classes #46-51
  • Classes to go: 9
  • Days left: 6

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