60 Classes in 60 Days: #52-55

Only a few more days to go!  My plan is to finish on Saturday with a double in the morning so I can take Sunday off if I feel like it.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to do 90 days, so this feature will continue on the site.

For anyone who has tried Bikram yoga or who hasn’t, for that matter, a 90 day challenge is pretty steep in theory.  Not a lot of people put forward the effort to go to a 90 minute class multiple times a week, much less 90 times in 90 days.  It truly is a time commitment.  I’ve had to rearrange multiple things in my life, skip on fun stuff, and I’m teaching a class that starts on July 3rd.

I have to keep at it though.  I’m making great progress and it’s helping me immensely to have a goal to work towards, even if it’s as simple as the current number out of 60.  While I may not be perfect (and no one is in yoga, it’s a life quest to do these postures), I’m at least trying.


60 Day Challenge Stats:

  • Classes #52-55
  • Classes to go: 5
  • Days left: 4

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