60 Classes in 60 Days: Lessons Learned

I did it, people!!!  I can’t believe that I finished this thing and didn’t end up back in PT.  It’s too good to be true.  I finished on Saturday morning with a double class.


I took off yesterday and I’m taking off today in hopes that my body will get a break before I head back to the studio.  Yep, I’m extending this to 90 in 90!!!

Before we start focusing on this upcoming month, here is what I learned over the past 60 days.  20 things, to be exact.

  1. A 30 day challenge is pretty common at most studios.  60 days is not.  People will think you are crazy.  You will believe them.  It is crazy.
  2. It is imperative to have two yoga mats.  On days where I did doubles in the morning/evening split, I would have one in my car for after work while the morning mat was at home drying out.
  3. The studio is not a place to be modest.  You will be more comfortable in as little clothing as possible.  No one cares if you haven’t shaved your armpits, legs, or your tummy is jiggly.
  4. Go to classes first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.  Drink a coconut water during class for sugars and then eat when you get home.
  5. Your body is going to crave strange things.  I ate 5 peaches in one sitting.  I don’t question it anymore.  I just eat.
  6. You may not feel like eating or drinking anything at all when you are working your body so hard.  Sometimes, you have to force liquids.  Even if I wasn’t hungry, I would eat some avocado to make sure I was getting some fat in my diet.
  7. Don’t be a hero.  Sit your ass down if you don’t feel like doing a posture, especially if it’s a double day.  Even if it’s a single day, sometimes you just need the mental break during class.
  8. Don’t baby yourself.  Make yourself do a posture, even if you don’t feel like doing it and you can’t reason with yourself in the short amount of time in between postures why you should really sit out.  Understand the difference between being hurt, physically or emotionally exhausted, and avoiding a posture because it’s uncomfortable.  When I first started, I was so terrified of hurting myself, I would sit down a lot more.  Then, when I got muscle or tendon soreness, I would sit down because I was worried I was working myself too hard.  Now, I really understand discomfort versus this is an overuse issue.
  9. Take at least one day off a week, if possible.  It is nice to have one day where you can step off the mat, reflect on what happened the week before, and come back clear-headed.
  10. Check your ego at the door.  Each class is different.  Each set of postures is different.  Every minute is different.  You can have a great first set of a posture and then the second set can completely fall apart.  You are a different person every minute of every day in that room and it shows on the mat.
  11. Find peace in the practice.  Although it truly is torture being in that room sometimes, it is also 90 minutes of nothing.  Just you, the mat, the instructor, the dialogue.  If you just follow the words, your mind clears and things are surprisingly peaceful.
  12. You will smell. Your clothes will smell.  Your mat towel will smell.  Vinegar in the wash is the only thing that gets it out.
  13. Your skin will be amazing.  Your feet?  Not so much.
  14. Be ready for the “yoga stigmata”, which are marks on your hands, knees, and tops of feet.  I haven’t gotten it yet, but I can tell it’s coming.  I think people get it more when they use beach/bath towels.  I use a microfiber Yogitoes mat which isn’t as abrasive on the skin.
  15. You will love your studio.  You will hate your studio.  You will fall in and out of love with instructors.
  16. You will have great days, which you should embrace.  You shouldn’t get attached to them though because the bad days are following quickly behind.  Don’t get down in the dumps about them either, because the good days are coming back. (great advice from Aimee)
  17. Avoid wearing lotion on your arms or legs the day of a practice.  It makes for a very slippery, miserable session.
  18. Try to make an effort to keep up with your appearance outside of the studio.  I think I blow dried my hair twice in the last 30 days.  I stopped wearing makeup altogether.  Although neither of these things are necessary, I realized when I did both this morning that I felt like I was pampering myself and it put a little spring in my step.  I literally have been a sweaty, wet mess for the past 60 days.
  19. Invest in a good clarifying shampoo.  Your scalp will be a mess because your hair glands will be all clogged up with sweat. (I know, it’s gross).
  20. Invest in a good deep conditioner.  Your hair will be a mess from the salt in the sweat.

So there you go.  20 thing I learned.  30 more days.  30 more classes.  Let’s see what happens!!!





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