90 Classes in 90 Days: #67-70

This month has been nuts!  I’m several days behind in my 90 day challenge so I’ll be running doubles throughout the rest of the month.  Oh well.  That seems to be my thing. Ha!

Been having strange foot cramps at night on the days I take off.  Charlie horses in my toes and the whole deal.  What the heck!  I’m the hydration queen, so the studio thinks it just may be a result of me working more deeply in some postures in class.  I think it’s stemming from my hips (perhaps they are opening up more) because it usually happens when I roll from side to side at night and put pressure on my hips in bed.  God, I need a new mattress, but that’s another story.

Great improvements in triangle pose during the past 10 classes.  I’m still setting up the posture with one foot on my mat for traction- for some reason, my legs are strong enough to keep from slipping around on the carpet.  I may try off the mat tonight and see what happens.  I’m not getting down real low in the posture now, but I’m staying in it the whole time, with my front hip rotated down and keeping my butt tucked.  A lot of people make the mistake of popping their booties out on this posture, which is bad for your hips and doesn’t allow you to get down in the posture fully.  I think it’s not ideal too because you aren’t really working your legs as hard when that happens.  Thankfully, this is one of the postures that the instructors stress proper form on, which is good since it’s easy to make bad habits in yoga.  Especially if you’re like me and your body likes to cheat.

We’ve been juicing a lot at the Hall Hacienda.  Cherries are in season now, so I’m trying to figure out a good mix for the bounty that seem to be popping up at the grocery store lately.

Congrats to my lovely Cori!  She passed her PTA boards this week.  I’m just brimming over with pride for her!!!


90 Day Challenge Stats:

  • Classes #66-70
  • Classes to go: 20
  • Days left: 15

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