90 Classes in 90 Days: Words of wisdom from Willie Nelson

You gotta know when to hold ’em, know when to fold em’….

Words of wisdom from WillieNelson.

I’ve made a decision about the 90 day challenge, with a little over a week to go.  I’ve decided to stop the 90 day challenge.

I know.

I’m so close, but things have been crazy this month and I’m a week behind.  I’d have to run doubles for the next 8 days and that’s just too much.  Notice, I didn’t say crazy.  We have already been down that road.  I can handle the crazy.

What I can’t handle is running myself into the ground.

I was telling Cori on Saturday night- why am I doing this to myself?  I don’t need to prove to anyone but myself anything about this 90 days.  It’s enough that I did 30 days.  Then, 60 days.  But 90 is something that even the instructors at my studio were like, really?  I’ve only been going for 5 months so I’m still a beginner.

Could I have planned better?  Sure.

Could I have anticipated what my life would have been like starting at the beginning of July?  Hell no.

Here’s what has been going down in my world for the past three weeks.  Actually more than that.

First of all, Kevin has been sick for over a month and getting progressively worse.  He has ulcerative colitis, which has been in remission for at least 5 years.  Then, in the middle of June, he relapsed.  I may as well have a baby in the house with the lack of sleep we’ve been experiencing.  For the first two weeks of July, he was up almost on the hour, every hour.  If you don’t know what ulcerative colitis is, Google it.  It’s not fun.

So I’m sleep deprived.

Then, I started teaching a 6 week compressed class at the beginning of the month, which I’ve never done before.  This is taking up way more time than I had anticipated.

Finally, in a strange turn of events, Kevin has accepted a new band director position in Chesapeake at a large school.  In a matter of two weeks this month, we cleared out his old office, moved everything into our house, put together a huge portfolio and dealt with the stress of interviewing and prepping for band camp that started today.

Yesterday, as I was laying on my mat in between postures, knowing I had another class to complete in an hour, I made up my mind.

I don’t want to kill myself doing this 90 days.  Mentally, I am exhausted.  My house is a disaster.

Bodily, I feel great.  I am still going strong in my classes but I can tell that I’m hitting the wall in terms of fatigue.  Going to classes 2 times a day would have just made that worse.  And, quite frankly, I was afraid that if I felt like I was burning myself out in the next 10 days, I would hate going to yoga and really lose some good habits that I’ve been building over the past three months.

It kills me to stop this challenge, but I have to.  For my own sanity, I have to.

I have learned a lot about myself and yoga in the process, which I would like to share.

  1. Your mind is a crazy place. Don’t let it take your body into that place.  Shut it off and just keep going.  You might surprise yourself.
  2. Consistency is key.  Don’t take more than 3 days off.  Your body will hate you.  You will sleep terribly.
  3. Planning classes in advance is still important.  Challenge or not, 90 minutes is a big time commitment.
  4. Make sure to hydrate on the days you take off like you went to the studio.  Your body responds to a drop in liquids pretty quickly.  The next day at the studio will not be as fun.
  5. Be curious about the postures in class.  Just because you’ve never been able to do something doesn’t mean that it may not happen, even at 2% that day.  Envision yourself doing the posture, what should be happening in the posture, and try.
  6. Just one more pose.  Just one more pose.  Say this to yourself repeatedly if you feel like sitting down.
  7. Sit down if you can’t psyche yourself up for a posture.  I have learned that sometimes, especially if I am really tired, sitting down gives me a mental break and gives me a chance to listen to the dialogue more closely.
  8. Understand where pain is dangerous.  Uncomfortable is not dangerous.  Nagging pain is a warning for me, especially in my left knee.  I have learned that doubling up day after day is a quick way to get my tendonitis flared up in my knee.  This tells me that my quads are still not strong enough to support a vigorous practice.
  9. Be glad for what I can do!  Sure, I may not be a super star in class but I show up and give it my best.  I don’t make excuses for myself and I’m proud of the neuromuscular progress that I’m making.
  10. Wear things to class that make you happy.  I recently bought two pairs of new shorts and I love them.  They are the side string kind and they are teeny tiny, but they make me happy.  Fun, colorful prints add some whimsy to your practice and sometimes that extra happy is what makes a miserably hot class more bearable.  Everyone has their own “style” in class.  I’m figuring out that mine is becoming a black sports bra and a colorful pair of shorts.  I have to look at myself for 90 minutes at a time.  You bet your ass that my ass is rocking some cute shorts!


Aren’t they cute!  They are from a brand called Onzie, based out of California.  I like them because the bottom is full coverage.  They really are short, but totally made for a girl with a booty.

So, what next?  My goal is to go to yoga at least 5 days a week.  I am going to try and avoid doubles as much as possible.  If I can get to the point where I am able, I would like to do every day, but I don’t see how I’m going to be able to maintain that in the fall, with football and teaching.  It’s just not realistic.

Don’t worry, I will still be writing updates.  Because after all, life really is never boring in the Hall Hacienda!


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