What happens when you go back to Bikram yoga after almost a month off?

I know you are all dying to know about how yoga went last night.

The good news is that I survived.  In fact, the heat wasn’t bad at all.  I didn’t feel like I was going to die during class, which is a plus.  There were a couple of times that I took a knee and slowed down my breathing, but that was it.

The bad news is this: I realized last night, in the middle of one of the more challenging postures in the standing series that I literally could not do what Pong was asking me to do.  Not because I didn’t know what was going on (how many hours have I been in that studio in the past 5 months?) or that I was too exhausted.  It was literally like I didn’t know how to move my body to follow along with the dialogue.  It was in that terrifying moment that I realized I had completely lost all of the neuromuscular connections that I had established before.

It didn’t make sense to tighten my kneecap or to lift up my quad.  I was literally overwhelmed with information, feeling like I was a stranger in my own body again.

I can tell you that I had visions of calling up Cori and crying about having to go back to PT again.  In a matter of minutes, I constructed a scenario in my head of some of the worst possible things.

Then, I sat on my knees and calmed myself down.

And had an epiphany.

I’m not going to Bikram to get buff like everyone else.  I’m going because this is my PT.  This is my rehab.

I have neuromuscular issues STILL and I need to go or its all going to fall apart again.  I am still not well, heck, this may be a lifelong issue for me.  Because clearly, even after 5 months and HOURS in a studio, I got to work this morning, sat at my desk, and tried to make my left quad tighten….and nothing happened.  That’s how I knew I was in trouble.

Bikram is non-negotiable for me.

In other news, I found a cool video online of one of the Carolina Crown members performing their encore show with a head cam on.  This is the group I mentioned yesterday that won the world championship title.  If you have the time and want to see the vantage point of someone on the field, watch this entirely.  You will be amazed.  As a side note, the guy playing is a 5th year corps member that “aged out” that night.

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