Ah, the waiting lists…

A lot has happened in 24 hours.  I’ve been busy.

Local doctor updates:  the Chesapeake doctor won’t accept me as a new patient (see lying never pays) and his entire practice is full.  I have a friend who says she knows someone who will be graduating next year and starting at the practice, so that may be a local option down the road.

But I’m not willing to wait right now.

I called and made an appointment with my primary care for the 19th of this month, just as a precaution.  Maybe I can convince her to do the bloodwork I want.  If not, I can use her as a reference to get with a doctor in Northern Virginia.

So here’s the scoop on doctors around the state.  I scoured the interwebs for top thyroid docs in the state and I found three that accept insurance.

  1. Dr. Peter Gent in Midlothian.  He has a wait list of 6-8 weeks but they are sending me a new patient packet now and have told me to start tracking my basal temperature for a month before coming in.  He is a Doctor of Osteopathy and his website specifically says he treats subclinical hypothyroidism.  Yes, please.  The downside to this practice is that he only sees patients from 8-2 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.  But the receptionist said I’m 10th in line and seemed really nice.
  2. Dr. Kevin Harrison in Richmond.  He also has a wait list, but the receptionist would not tell me how long it would be.  She thought sometime later on this fall.  He used to be in practice with Dr. Gent before starting up his own deal.  He is also a D.O.  His website has a special section for thyroid disorders that says, “Many patients are suspicious that they suffer from low thyroid yet their lab tests are “normal.” We depend on lab tests, but we also use basal temperatures to assist with the diagnosis and treatment. Most importantly, we evaluate patients by listening to their symptoms and evaluating their response to treatment. We utilize several medicines to treat thyroid disorders including Synthroid, but we also use T3 therapy such as Armour Thryoid“.  I can see that he and Dr. Gent are cut from the same cloth.  I’d be happy to get into see either of them.
  3. Dr. Mark McClanahan in Fredericksburg.  I called and spoke to his receptionist yesterday.  She said that I have to have a referral from my PCP to see him but didn’t say there was a wait list.  If anything, on the 19th I can get that referral and see if he’d take me earlier than the other two.  He is an endocrinologist (MD) but he takes a more holistic approach to his patients, according to reviews I’ve seen on thyroid discussion boards.  That’s a little more of a drive for me, but if it’s my only option I will do it.

Going to Midlothian or Richmond would be about 2.5 hours each way.  Fredericksburg would be a little over 3 hours with no traffic each way, but there is always traffic up in Northern Virginia so it could be more like 4 hours each way.

So I’m off to buy myself a basal thermometer.



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