Another round of tests and two upcoming appointments!

All of a sudden, I’m feeling like I’m starting to get some momentum here.  (knock on wood)

Let me tell you about the past week…

I spent some time at the hospital yesterday and Monday to get my thyroid uptake testing done.  Finally, they called me to do it last week and I was pleased to get in right away.  I swallowed the radioactive pill on Monday morning and got tested throughout the day to see how my thyroid was functioning.  Then, yesterday, I went back for a final scan and they also took a series of pictures.

The picture taking was the worst part.  I had to lay on a table with a pillow under my shoulders and my head propped back in a weird position.  Chin way up so my neck was stretched up.  

Of course, I’m freezing all the time so the radiation tech was kind enough to wrap me in a wooly hospital blanket like a burrito.

Then, she put me in a tube machine that looked like something for a MRI but instead she used a flat panel to take xray like pictures.  I had to sit perfectly still, in this contorted position, for 10 minutes at a time.  She did four total films.

And, because I’m a smart cookie and I know better, I asked for a copy of the films before I headed home.  No, I don’t mind waiting for them.

So without further ado, I give you my beautimous thyroid.



I know, it’s more exciting than you thought it would be, right?

I have no idea how to read these, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the darker spots are not normal.  But, then again, I’m not a radiologist, so I’ll have to wait for the report. That’s just what I found when I was looking online.

Next Monday, I have an appointment with my primary care doctor to go over all of the results.  If she is willing to treat me, great.  If not, then I go to plan B.

Plan B came up unexpectedly on Monday night when my phone rang and one of the doctor offices from Richmond called.  I’m going in on the 18th!  I wasn’t expecting to get in so fast but after they got my labs and whatnot, I guess they figured I was really serious.

I’m cautiously optimistic that these turn of events mean that I’m going to get some treatment soon!

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