Well, it looks like I’m on to Plan B…

So I had my appointment with my primary care physician.  It went well and not well.  I’m not sure how to process any of this.

So the good news is that my thyroid uptake is normal and the pictures all came back fine.

The bad news is that I’m still stuck in subclinical land.

My PCP basically was like, I know you have a thyroid problem.  But, she says, I’m not willing to treat you and take on that liability.


You told me three weeks ago you’d do it if it seemed like things are off.


I gave her all of the research, the journal references, the press releases, the conference presentations.  All of them saying I should be treated.  She agreed but was pretty firm that she didn’t want the lawsuit of a mistreated patient.  I appreciate her honesty, but I’m a little miffed with her right now.

Let me explain.

I got my EVMS records over the weekend!  I can’t believe they actually found them because I asked for these almost two months ago.  I had given up hope.

Sure enough, I DO have an autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto’s).  Check this out- on this letter he sent to my PCP in 2003, it says that I have elevated thyroid antibodies and have acute Hashimotos.  Then, it goes on to say that while I test normal now, he would like me tested every year because I will likely become “overtly” hypothyroid.


So I’m reading this and thinking, why didn’t anyone call me for an appointment the next year?   EVMS?  My PCP?  Someone?  Why didn’t anyone share this info with me?

So basically I’ve been going along for 10 years untreated because someone dropped the ball.

What is even more confusing is that my thyroid antibody test came back negative this time around.  My PCP can’t explain this but in my opinion if you test for any type of antibodies EVER, you have them always.  It just waxes and wanes in your system.  Or, you get false negatives.

So it’s on to Plan B.  I see the specialist in Richmond on Friday and hope for the best.






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