Success! A doctor who listens!

I’ve been very remiss in getting this post up, especially since it’s been four days since I saw my new doctor in Richmond.

As most of you know, I had a GREAT appointment!

The practice is located in a very nice area of Midlothian, which is near Richmond.  I was happy that it wasn’t more than a 3 hour drive to get there and it was much easier to drive earlier in the morning.

When I got there, I checked in and was surprised to find out that the doctor prefers to have his patients wait in the waiting room, rather than being ushered into the examination room.  He was so kind and introduced himself while he took me back.

First of all, this guy is awesome.  He’s old and kind, with soft fingers and a grandfatherly demeanor.

He sat down and looked at me and said, I’ve seen your lab work you sent but I can say right now just LOOKING at you that you have a thyroid problem.

I was floored!

I asked why and he said he could see the puffiness around my eyes, my swollen face and hands, my eyebrow hair falling out on the edges and my wispy hairline.  He said it was classic hypothyroid.

We spent some time talking about my test results and the 2003 EVMS results, which I had brought with me.

So he checks it out and declares that I DO have an autoimmune disease, which is not always caught because if you aren’t in a  “flare” when you get tested, sometimes it doesn’t show up on the lab work.  I was just lucky that it popped on the 2003 labs so I had proof.

Then, he says, how long has this been going on?  I told him since 2003 and he said that the autoimmune issue should have been treated earlier because it could have prevented so much of my thyroid damage.  As a result, I am definitely hypothyroid now and need to be medicated, regardless of the labs coming back normal.

Praise the interweb gods for keeping me informed!

He then did a physical exam and we chatted about how swollen my body has been for the past few months.  He indicated that my body is so inflamed and I needed to get some extra help to get rid of the water retention, so he prescribed me an old people diuretic to take.

Then, he said that he would start me on a low dose of thyroid replacement hormone medication and see how I do for a month.  We will test in 4 weeks and then I will see him again on the first week of December.  We will go through these monthly testing and visit cycles until I am at optimum levels for ME, based on not just the labs but also how I look and feel.

I couldn’t stop boo-hooing through the whole appointment.  I couldn’t believe that he was taking me seriously and was so willing to help.

I’m going to post some more this week on some of the specifics in regards to the autoimmune issue and the specific medication that I’m taking, so be on the lookout for those posts.  Also, he has some very targeted plans for my diet and other medication that I’m taking, since I’m on an autoimmune protocol now.

I’ve been told to take a photo on the first day of my meds (today, since CVS didn’t have the meds in stock) and then again in a month.

Here is my new hero.


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