A glimpse of what normal feels like

I’ve had several folks asking about how I’ve been doing since I’ve been on the meds for one week now. Honestly, not that much different, but I didn’t expect very much.  You can’t start a patient on a high dose of medication safely, so I have to “step up” with my dosages.

I’m back to weighing myself daily again, unfortunately.  Given my situation, I have to watch EVERYTHING I do and make notes to find relationships/causation for symptoms, etc. I’m even tracking how much I poo.  I know, we’re about to get real up in this piece, but if you know anything about hypothyroidism, you’ve got a slow digestive system.

On Saturday, I calculated that I’ve lost 5 pounds, which I’m sure is water weight.  Over the weekend, I went up and down so I’m sure it is just fluid.  I’m taking my old people water pills so that is helping.  My face is definitely less puffy.

The big news is that I had a brief, but albeit, powerful glimpse on Saturday morning of some normalcy.  I woke up and I was AWAKE.  Like really, really awake.  I took my pill and shortly thereafter, I was ON.  I couldn’t believe how great I felt. It was like I had been injected with superpowers, seriously. For a good two hours, I was a cleaning machine!  I got so much work done in the house during that time and didn’t have to sit down on the couch at all.

I couldn’t believe it!  Kevin was a little irritated because I was literally back to my old school self, super hyper, happy morning person.  I did three loads of laundry, cleaned both bathrooms, the dining room, and living room.  It was great.

But, it was also short lived.  I’m finding that I’m getting a good two hours of energy and then I’m back on my butt, dead tired.  The bad news is that I am going to have to work up to all day feeling good, but the good news is that I know the medicine is working for me and this really is a thyroid problem!!!

As I was tearing through the house, I thought to myself, wow.  I could go to they gym.  Or go outside and rake.  This must be what normal feels like!  It’s been so long I had forgotten.

I’m slowly working Mr. Hall towards a gluten free household.  I got some of the brown rice Triscuits over the weekend and they were actually really good!  They are gluten free and have a different texture than the regular Triscuits that are more dense.

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