Food woes

I’m finding that food manufacturers lie.  Well, maybe not, but they don’t make it easy to be gluten free.

My beloved rice Triscuit replacement?  NOT gluten free.  

Sneaky gluten ingredients appear in all sorts of ingredient lists.  You really, really have to look.

Then, if you do find them to be gluten free, the cost is ridiculous.  I’m going to have to get into the kitchen and cook a lot of my own things.

I plan to start posting some things as I experiment.  I will probably lean towards using more coconut flour than almond flour.  I’ve heard that nuts are not good in high quantities for Hashi people, but I need to find out which nuts are suspect.

I’m also learning about goitrogens.  These are foods that interfere with thyroid functioning.  Top of the list?  Kale.  Yes, my beloved juices may have been making my situation even worse this summer.  It’s okay in moderation when they are cooked, but raw?  No bueno.  Now I know to use Swiss Chard instead, but still.  I can’t catch a break!

I go in for my first rounds of labs next week.  I’m interested to see how my hormones look since this is month one with no pill.

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