Two months on the pig: what blood work tells me

Hello again!

I received my New Years Eve lab tests today, so I wanted to share what a little over two months on the pig has done for me.

When I saw my PCP in September, my TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) was 3.75.  While this is in the “normal” range, it’s not in the optimal range.  Most functional practitioners try to go for a 1.0-2.0 range.  In November, after a month on the pig, my TSH dropped to 2.15 at 1/2 grain.  Now, after a few weeks on 3/4 grain, my TSH tested at 1.59!

I’m so pleased to see these two months of test results because it means that the pig really is helping me.  I don’t think I’m at my optimal level yet for me, so I will be pushing for a full grain next week when I see my doctor again.  I can get to about 2:30 in the afternoon and then my energy goes way down again.  I’m getting there though!

During my appointment last month, my doctor was very concerned about my cholesterol, which had gone from 295 in August to 370!  He thinks it was an inflammation response to my body adjusting to going off meds and starting the pig, but just to be sure, he put me on some red rice yeast extract in December.  I have been taking it for a month, testing it out to see if I could control my numbers without going on Lipitor or Crestor.  I am happy to report that my overall cholesterol dropped in one month to 277!  That is almost 100 points!  My triglycerides went from 177 to 135 and my HDL went from 107 to 81.  I’m shocked.

When I go to see Dr. Gent next week, I plan to ask about the low progesterone again.  He mentioned it was on the low end, so I’ve been researching some natural progesterone cream.  I’d rather do that than a synthetic progestin, but I’ll see what he says.  I have heard that the natural ones also help your body to make DHEA, so that is good too.

I’m really feeling like I’ve turned a corner in the last couple of weeks since I started taking the 3/4 grain.  I know I’m on the right track, but I’m not *quite* there yet.  It gives me hope though that better things are waiting for me when I’m optimized.


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