One month reward

It’s been one month since I started back at yoga and I’m so proud to share that I’ve not missed one class.  I’ve gone 5 times a week for one month!

This week is a little sketchy with the weather, so who knows if I will make it 5 times.  But I’m going to try if I can get out of my snowy driveway!

As a reward for my efforts, I’ve decided to get new yoga gear.  Each month, if I meet my goal, I get a new yoga item.  I’ve been using the same three pairs of shorts for almost a year, as well as tops.  While this may not seem like too long, it’s actually pretty gross when you sweat for 90 minutes several times a week and keep wearing the same thing over and over.  Add to that the type of clothing that you’re wearing and it just doesn’t make for long-term clothing survival.

I’ve come to realize that hot yoga clothing is made a certain way for a reason. The fabrication is very thin and wicking.  It’s definitely of higher quality.

And more expensive.

But, I made a deal with myself and as much as it pains me to pay $40 for a pair of shorts, I deserved it.

Last night I rewarded my one month efforts with a new pair of shorts.  They look like this:



I love the company, Onzie, because they have one size fits all.  It’s refreshing not to lament over my hip size and whatnot.  I’ve seen ladies at the studio who are much larger than I am and much smaller than I am in these shorts.  And everyone looks amazing.

My goal is to have 5 new pairs by this summer, so I can rotate them each day!

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