Update from my most recent doctor appointment

Hi all!
Last Friday I went to see my beloved Dr. Gent. It was a mess on the roads and I was pretty anxious because my test results hadn’t come in.
When I got there, I did my normal weigh-in and blood pressure check. The nurse was surprised to find that I’d lost 10 pounds since I saw them 5 weeks ago and my blood pressure is now 120/80. It’s still a little high for me, but it’s down 10 points on top and bottom numbers, so that is good.

We had a great appointment. He listened to my concerns about the afternoon dosing. He still thinks I’m working up to my optimal dose, so we upped it to 1/2 grain in the afternoon and kept my morning dose the same at 3/4 grain. He seemed pleased that I was being so compliant with my eating and suggested that I up my apple cider vinegar during the day. I need to remember to do that. It’s hard to keep track of things when I’ve got meetings and I’m running around everywhere. Sometimes, it’s a wonder I can get my afternoon dosing in.

I asked AGAIN about my progesterone levels being off because my period is still really messed up (sorry, TMI but I have to keep it real up in this piece). He knows I’m feeling really unbalanced but insists that I need to get my thyroid optimized before we mess with any other hormones in my body. I get it, but I’m tired of having cramps for 2 weeks straight.

In other news, Bikram yoga is going well. I’ve been doing good about going 4-5 times a week since my flare a couple of weeks ago. It’s amazing how crappy your body can feel for a week and then the next week, you’re a superstar in class. It’s liberating and humiliating all at the same time. I know the instructors don’t care, but I am incredibly sensitive to my performance in class because it’s a direct feedback on how my body is operating. I’ve really had to practice kindness and humility this month towards myself on the mat.

I have a lot going on at work and the 90 minutes in the hot room have been wonderful for me to shut down and not be worrying about things.
There’s been days where I’ve been so worn out from the office that I just want to drive home, crawl onto the couch, and cry into my hard boiled eggs because I’m so mentally spent. Forcing myself to go into the studio and focus on breathing, even if I need to lay down and just BE, has been really great for my stress levels. I just tell myself that being stressed is not good for my Hashi’s, so this is medicine.

I’m loving my new shorts that I got in January. I may be shallow, but a cute pair of side tie shorts with a fun pattern really make me happy. I also ditched the tank top a couple of weeks ago and started wearing my sports bra to class, which has made me a lot more comfortable. After a week, my self-loathing stopped and I am so much better with what I see in the mirror! I’ve got a long way to go but I’m committed to making the best choices for my health.

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