Meet My Owl: Gilded

I’m on a roll this week with the owls!

Today’s owl is from my grandmother’s costume jewelry collection.  I’d estimate that he was worn probably in the 60’s or 70’s, so he’s an old hoot.

He’s a pretty big owl necklace.  I don’t wear him alot because he’s so substantial, but I love his look.  His head and tail are jointed on the body so he lays flat.  I’m surprised that he’s held up this well over the years!

Meet My Owls: Holiday Hoots

It’s been FOREVER since I’ve done a Meet My Owl post!  Today, there are two owls!   

My bestie, Gretchen, supports my owl obsession.  She brought me to owlie surprises last week!  These are actually ornaments, but I couldn’t help but keep them in the office to bring in some owlie holiday cheer.  I have one on my door and the other on my bulletin board by my desk.

Aren’t they cute?  The one on my door has that rustic vibe.  He looks like he could be perched outside of a log cabin.   Hot cocoa, please.

The other one is fabric and has the neatest little applique details.  Don’t you love his sequined wings? 


Meet My Owl: Way to go!

Today’s meet my owl is appropriate, given the recent high school graduations going on over the past couple of weeks.  He was given to me by my bestie, Gretchen, the day of my doctoral commencement! 

He’s crocheted and has the cutest little graduation cap on.  It is a fun piece to keep in my office and a lot of students talk about graduation when they see him sitting on my shelf.  He’s started many a conversation this time of year!

Meet My Owl: Hoot bling

Today’s owl is a piece of jewelry that I received as a dissertation gift last semester!

Our dear friends John and Annette gave this to me the weekend I defended.  I wasn’t even graduated and people were already giving me owls.  I didn’t even know that THEY knew how bad my owl problem really is- I try to keep it away from my non-ODU peeps, so it must be pretty bad now.


A few things I notice about this picture:

  1.  My dissertation made my knuckles wrinkly.  When did I get old lady fingers???
  2.  My hair is getting long!  It’s past my hand.
  3.  I must be losing weight because my wedding ring is shifting around.

Anyway, this is one of the owls I really haven’t worn a lot this year because I’ve been stuck in turtlenecks all winter.  It’s been a point of many conversations lately!






Meet My Owl: She’s crafty

I’ve been a total slacker on the meet my owl posts!  I guess it’s because I couldn’t imagine why people would care about my weird owl collection.  I can’t believe how many people have asked me why I haven’t posted an owl lately!

Today I bring you one of my first crochet projects- an owl, of course!

I made this a couple of years ago and he’s a little creepy.  His eyes are too big and his wings are too far back on his body.  It gives him character though, right?

He sits on one of my bookshelves at work.  I think he’s cute!

Meet My Owl: A Celebration

In this week’s Meet My Owl, I bring you my celebratory owl from my dissertation defense.  This was given to me by my good friend and colleague, Morgan.  He was hanging in my office from the ceiling, along with several other cute decorations.  Imagine coming back after a stressful defense to a decorated office….it was awesome!

I kept him, of course, and hung him on my bulletin board.  He’s a constant reminder of that happy day!