Wednesday Weigh In and life update

I was about *this* close not to weighing in today.  I figured I’d be up to my 148.8 or whatever it was that I’ve been yo-yoing around for the past month.  Up one week, down another, up again, down again.  Argh!

But, I forced myself to do it and was rewarded with a new number on the scale- 146.6!  That is a .6 loss.  Finally, maybe my plateau is over.

That means that since the beginning of March, I’ve lost 17 pounds total.  I can’t believe it.  It’s been so slow going.

Life has been pretty crazy for the past several weeks.  I’m teaching two classes in the fall and have been working like crazy on the weekends to get ready. Thankfully, one of the classes is a class I taught in the spring, so I don’t have to do a lot with that one and I’m ready.  The K-12 class on the other hand, has been a beast.  I’ve gotten halfway through the modules.  I hope to finish at least two more this weekend, maybe three if I can really hustle.  I guess it depends on the hurricane and our power situation if things get extreme.

I can’t believe Monday is the first day of class.  Where did the summer go?

Wednesday Weigh-In and PT conclusion

I’ll give you three guesses on my weight today.  Yep, back to the 147.2.  Again.  At least I lost what I gained last week, but come on.  This is getting a little ridiculous.  After a month of up and down, up and down, I’m ready to get over this plateau.

My last day of PT yesterday was pretty uneventful.  I’ve been graduated from the “program” with some very stern instructions about my activity for the next two months.  Heather thinks I may have some residual inflammation around my knee, but my hips and ankles are much stronger.  It could also be tendonitis, but she doesn’t want to make that suggestion unless I’m not majorly improving in the next couple of months.

Mostly, I’m experiencing a lot of pain in the sides of my knees and the inner thigh area above my knees.  Heather says that is my quadraceps being worked for the first time in a long time.  I’m to expect soreness and work on getting my legs strong.  I may need to suck it up and pay for a membership at ODU’s rec center.  There’s no way I can do the type of weight lifting I need to do at home.

In addition, I am on a strict no-impact cardio program for the next two months.  No worries, I told her, I’m so paranoid that I’ll be hurt again I will do whatever you say.

So, she took my diagnostics, wrote a note for the sports medicine doc that said I will probably be back to see him if I don’t improve, and sent me on my way.  They didn’t have a “graduation” shirt in my size, so I didn’t even get a prize.  I was really hoping for a shirt that said, “I was tortured by Heather for two months and all I got was this stinkin’ t-shirt”.  Oh well.


Wednesday Weigh-In: Gained and lost

Fortunately, I lost what I gained last week!  So that means I’m back down to 147.2

This is good news because that means that my body is starting to realize when too much weight is on and I’m actually able to lose it in a short period of time.  Before, I would gain weight after eating too much salt or carbs and it would take me a month to get it off.  It was ridiculous.

I’m still vigilant with my points.  I’m in this for the long haul. I found an old Weight Watchers packet from when I did the At Work series.  In 2008, I weighed 139.  Time to get busy.

Surviving PT: Day 10

PT was pretty brutal, but I’m proud to say I kept up.  Heather thinks I may have a little inflammation still in my knee, perhaps tendonitis.

We kicked things up a bit by doing some more balancing work on a Bosu, throwing balls back and forth on one leg, and I got to revisit my slide board and do planks with my feet slipping everywhere.  I felt the BURN.

While my ankles and hips have vastly improved, my knee still is giving me issues.  I have one more visit scheduled in two weeks.  At that point, Heather will decide if I am okay to forge ahead on my own or declare that I have serious issues that are lingering around which warrant another visit to the sports med doc for another PT prescription.

I have been given strict orders to kick up my exercise in the next two weeks.  Last week, I was so bruised from my “massage”, I could barely walk for three days.  Needless to say, my activitiy level wasn’t up to par last week.  In order to really know if I can do this on my own, I HAVE to start moving more and see how my body reacts.

I’m sort of happy this is all coming to an end (I hope).  I have spent a lot of time off work doing this and with the semester starting up again in a few weeks, I can’t really afford the luxury of time away like I’ve had.  Plus, “graduating” from PT would be a symbol of my recovery and would be encouraging.

Even with these happy thoughts, I’m still apprehensive.  Heather has been my safety blanket for almost two months.  She understands my bodily issues and she understands my warped views of exercise and pain tolerance.  She reminds me to be kind to myself.  Without her around, I fear I may slip back into my old ways and end up back with another injury.

So I’m pushing ahead, proud of myself that I’ve gotten to this point.  We’ll see what the next two weeks bring!